As you prepare to sell your home, there are many different tasks to tackle. From replacing lightbulbs to having the furnace maintained, the time you invest in your property makes a big difference in the value. Don’t overlook the exterior. The front of the property is the first thing buyers see when they tour the house. Here are a few ways to improve curb appeal before listing your home for sale.

Clean the Yard to Improve Curb Appeal

While most people don’t purchase a home solely for the landscaping features, some buyers may decide not to place an offer due to the yard’s condition. To increase curb appeal, take time to freshen up the landscape. Clean the patio, sidewalk, driveway, and other concrete surfaces with a pressure washer. Cut the grass, clean out garden beds, and pick up leaves, sticks, and yard debris.

Boost the Appeal of the Entrance

The entrance of your home is what real estate agents and prospective home buyers will notice before going into the house. The entryway is where they are more likely to see damage and neglect. Clean up the front porch to boost curb appeal before selling.

  • Paint the front door.
  • Install a smart doorbell to increase the security of the home.
  • Install new house numbers on the front of your home and the curb, making the property easy to find.
  • Place a bench or other furniture near the entryway so guests have an area where they can talk about the house or relax before a showing.

Add Color to Improve Curb Appeal

It’s hard to make an excellent impression when the weather is cloudy and grey. To boost curb appeal, add color to the exterior of your home. Planters and hanging baskets filled with flowers or greenery are affordable and easy to install and maintain. For extra credit, you might coordinate the flowers with the color of your front door. Add throw pillows to the porch furniture and plant flowers near the front walkway.

Refresh Your Door Hardware

Since moving in, most homeowners have not replaced the hardware on the doors. Old hardware can look dingy and outdated, not match your door, or even be mismatched. Replace the door hardware with pieces that complement the rest of your design aesthetic.

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