Any relocation is both exciting and stressful. If you’re moving with a partner and children, the move becomes more involved. Prepare for moving house by making a comprehensive plan to handle all the tasks involved. Here are a few tips for moving with your family.

Moving With Your Family: Prepare for a New School

If you’re moving with children, schools are likely at the forefront of your mind. Whenever possible, check out local schools before your move. Take the children to tour the building, meet their teachers, and see their new classrooms. Starting a new school can cause anxiety for kids. Being familiar with the environment and knowing what to expect will help ease their minds.

Meet the Neighbors

Getting to know your new neighbors is a good idea for many reasons. Neighbors can offer advice and recommendations when you’re looking for a plumber, mechanic, or a new place to have dinner. A trusted neighbor is often the first person you turn to if you need help, such as checking in on your pets or collecting the mail when you’re away. They’re also another set of eyes keeping watch on your house. Neighbors may become life-long friends for you and your children.

Budget for Expenses When Moving With Your Family

Moving with your family is expensive. Create a budget to prepare for the costs of relocating: packing materials, a moving company, renting a moving truck, and gas to transport your vehicles to the new house. Because your kitchen equipment will be packed up, you may need to plan for more take-out meals and dinners out at restaurants. If you’re moving a long distance, set aside money for a hotel room halfway through the trip. Your move will go more smoothly if everyone is well-rested.

A yard sale is a great way to downsize and earn a little money to cover moving expenses. Get the kids involved in sorting and pricing items, and they can help work the yard sale.

Do a Little at a Time

Mobilizing everyone to pack for themselves can be challenging if you have a family. Start by doing one room at a time, decluttering as you go. Get the kids involved with packing their own belongings and helping with last-minute housework that needs to be done before moving day.

Depending on their ages, kids can help pack bedding and towels, pet gear, and books. Assign jobs to help keep the house tidy as you work. Children can assist with laundry, keeping the countertops clean, and take care of pets as you prepare for the move.

Pack an Essentials Bag

It’s frustrating to get to your destination and not be able to find necessities for your first night. Simplify your move by preparing an essentials bag that’s easily accessible. Some things to include are toothbrushes, changes of clothes, snacks, phone chargers, medications, and toiletries.

Allow children to keep a toy or stuffed animal with them for the trip, organize games and activities for the time in the car, and plan for eating dinner out the first night in your new home. These suggestions will keep your trip as stress-free as possible.

Tour the New Town When Moving With Your Family

Take your family to tour the new town and check out the local attractions. Moving can be stressful; plan a fun day with your family to try a new restaurant, check out a local park, and walk around town. You’ll have a break from the work of moving, and you’ll get to know the new neighborhood.

Enjoy the New House Together

Moving with your family is a lengthy process that requires a considerable investment of time and money. Make things as easy for yourself as possible by making a checklist, doing a little at a time, and involving the whole family. You’ll soon settle into your new home and enjoy the neighborhood.

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