Radon is a naturally-occurring colorless and odorless gas found across the United States. Unfortunately, due to its invisible nature and gradual side effects, many people never realize they are breathing it in until it’s too late. Radon causes lung cancer over time. The only way to know it is present is through testing. Here are some ways to reduce the dangers of radon in your home.

Radon in Your Home: Test for Radon First

Before you address radon in your home, you must know the precise levels that are present indoors. Order radon testing before purchasing a home, if you have never had your home tested, or if it has not been tested in the past few years.

Short-term and long-term tests are available to measure the amount of radon gas. While you can buy a DIY test, hiring a professional with quality equipment and skills is best for the most accurate results.

Seal Cracks in the Foundation

Radon seeps indoors through small cracks and crevices in your foundation, around windows and doors, and through your basement. Since it’s a gas, radon requires very little space to enter your home and accumulate. 

Sealing cracks works best when used alongside other techniques to reduce radon in your home, like ventilation systems, as new cracks may form over time and allow radon indoors.

Test Radon in Your Home Before and After You Remodel

The remodeling process may disturb your basement and your home’s foundation, so test for radon in your home before and after the procedure. Construction often creates small cracks and gaps that allow radon gas to enter your house, and it will circulate throughout the house via your HVAC system. Even if you did not have issues before the remodel, be prepared to test for and invest in radon mitigation afterward if necessary.

Open the Windows for a Quick and Temporary Fix 

Opening your windows will help reduce the home’s radon while you are waiting on professional remediation. Open windows in your house, especially in the basement, and use vents and fans to direct air outside the home through windows and doors.

Install a Professional Radon Reduction System

There are numerous professional radon reduction systems available for elevated radon levels. These systems work by ventilating the air in your basement or lower level and pushing it outside. The right design for your home will depend on if the house is slab-on-grade, over a basement, or on top of a crawlspace.

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